Coastal Gun Works 

If we are sending a gun out, for transfer or back to the manufacturer for repair, we charge $22.00 per item and the cost of the shipping.  Please print and fill out shipment form when bringing a weapon for shipment. Do not prepackage the weapon as we will need to verify serial numbers.  If we are sending a transfer to another gun shop we ask that you notify them ahead of time so they are aware of the situation before we call to retrieve their FFL license. You do not have to have a copy of their FFL when bringing in a weapon for transfer, we can get that for you. If we are sending a weapon back to the manufacturer, we ask that you call the manufacturer before bringing the weapon here for us to ship and include whatever information they ask you to provide them. Some states have different gun laws than Virginia so please make sure any weapons and magazines you are asking us to send are compliant with that states laws.

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It is illegal for any persons under the age of 18 to purchase any firearm and any persons under the age of 21 to purchase a handgun or any incomplete lower receiver in Virginia. You must be a Virginia resident to buy a handgun or incomplete lower receiver, meaning you must have a valid Virginia state issued I.D. (driver's license or I.D. card) or be active duty military permanently stationed in Virginia.  


To pick up a handgun you will either need a valid Virginia state issued I.D. (driver's license or I.D. card) or your military orders showing permanent stationing in Virginia and your active duty military I.D. Out of state residents are permitted to purchase/transfer rifles and shotguns in Virginia as long as you provide us with your vaild state issued I.D. and a secondary form including a current lease, evidence of currently paid personal property tax or real estate tax, a current utility or telephone bill,  a current voter registration card, a current bank check, a current automobile registration, or a current hunting or fishing license that matches your I.D. address. Any weapon you purchase must be legal in your state of residence. 


We offer FFL transfers for $22.00. If you order more than one item we charge $22.00 for the first item and $10.00 per additional item provided they are all picked up at the same time on the same background check.  We do accept transfers from individuals as long as a copy of their current valid driver's license or state issued I.D. is included with the shipment or emailed to us prior to the transfer being picked up. You do not have to notify us of an incoming shipment as long as the shipper includes your name and a phone number for contact. Please note that whoever's name is on the packing slip must be the person to pick up the firearm.  As soon as you know your shipment has arrived you are welcome to come in and pick it up.   Below are some links to websites that we are already set up with and we recommend checking out.  


For any additional help with transfers just give us a call and ask to speak to Anna.